Experience True Excitement at the Hidden Gems in Hollywood!

There are many ‘go to’ places to visit when you are in Hollywood. During your stay at hotels in Hollywood California, consider thinking outside of the box by visiting some of these hidden gems in Hollywood.

Griffith Park is a well-known location in Los Angeles, but the Ferndell Nature Museum at Griffith Park is less known. At Ferndell Park, you can enjoy the the tropical gardens or relax under the branches of redwoods and sycamores. A walk through the park is what everyone needs every once in a while. There is even a calming brook that you can walk to. This is a great location for relaxing picnics and the chance to get away from the hectic rhythm of Los Angeles, while never leaving the city!

The Sayers Club is one of the most loved live music venues in Hollywood. Not only is it loved for their low key and neighborhood vibe, but for their spontaneity and star power as well. At the Sayers Club, there are days where you never know who is going to show up and perform. There are also great DJs that perform for a night out of dancing. Enjoy the great food and drinks that are also available.

If you are looking for a nice place to go to dinner, consider going to Yamashiro, which means ‘Mountain Palace’ in Japanese. The Yamashiro restaurant is an exact replica of a palace that was built in the mountains of Kyoto, Japan. Built as a private mansion in 1911, it then became the site of a club for the social elite during the late 1920s. Today, it is the site of a trendy restaurant serving Cal-Asian cuisine. Sitting atop the Hollywood Hills, it also offers an exquisite view of Los Angeles, especially at night!

The Pig ‘N Whistle opened up in 1927, next to the Egyptian Theatre so that movie-goers could grab a bite to eat before watching a movie since there were no concession stands during that time. True to its roots, the Pig ‘N Whistle is still decorated in the style of the late 1920s, which allows you to go back in time to the golden age of Hollywood! Enjoy pub favorites, salads, sandwiches and drinks.

Did you know that Los Angeles had a railroad system during its early history? At Travel Town, you can learn more about the history of trains and railroad travel. Receive tours of old locomotives and even take a ride on one. And the best part it, it’s all for free!