Shop ‘Til You Drop at The Top 3 Shopping Destinations Near Hollywood!

For years, Hollywood has been a top destination for tourists – and for good reason. There are so many places to see and things to do in this wonderful city. However, one thing that all visitors should take advantage of is the excellent shopping! For those that enjoy shopping and are in need of a new wardrobe, don’t miss out on all of the wonderful places for shopping around Hollywood!

One specific spot that is an excellent location for all your shopping needs is Melrose Ave. Melrose first became famous as a popular shopping destination after the hit series, Melrose Place. Here at Melrose Avenue, entire blocks of stores will greet you. This is one of the most pedestrianized places in Hollywood, giving it a unique feel. There are high end and chic stores here, as well as more eclectic and offbeat stores too. From women and men’s clothing, to home décor and bookstores, and beauty shops to restaurants, there’s something here for everyone!

Another excellent place to shop is Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. This is truly the spot to go to if you want to shop for designer labels, as well as haute couture fashion. Although the street stretches on for much longer, the shopping area of Rodeo Drive is a three-block radius of high  end fashion shops. At Rodeo, you will find some of the most prestigious brands in the world!

One last spot that should be checked out if you love to shop is The Grove. The Grove offers a fully pedestrianized experience with outdoor shopping for a truly unique experience. With a wide variety of clothing stores, electronic shops, delicious restaurants and bars, The Grove has everything you need. There is even a fantastic movie theatre that has an incredible 14 screens that are completely state of the art. Two of these theatres are huge and have a capacity of 500 people! There are even 2 loge boxes that seat 90 people.

Shop ‘Til You Drop at The Top 3 Shopping Destinations Near Hollywood!
While visiting Hollywood, don’t forget to check out the hottest places to shop for your favorite brands and other fun merchandise in the city.
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