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Best Spots to View The Hollywood Sign


If you are going to be in Hollywood, there are some things that are a must for your Hollywood experience. One of these things is seeing the Hollywood sign. If you are wondering where to get the best view of the Hollywood Sign, here are 3 of the best spots that you can view so […]

Must See Historical Landmarks In Los Angeles

Grand Central Market, Los Angeles, Interior view

Los Angeles was a city that began booming in the early 1900s. As a result, there are many historic places to visit around Los Angeles that are fun. These areas in LA allow locals and tourists to get a taste of what life in Los Angeles was like over 100 years ago. Stop by these […]

CHICAGO Is Coming To The Pantages Theatre


The Pantages Theatre in LA offers locals and visitors alike the opportunity to enjoy broadway musical productions. If you enjoy theatre, and all that jazz, then you are not going to want to miss Chicago, the latest broadway musical that will hit the Pantages Theatre. Chicago the musical will be at the Pantages from April […]

Unique Groups Activities In Los Angeles


Sometimes, traveling with a large group around the city isn’t the best way to have a good time. If you are looking for group activities in Los Angeles to partake in,  this list is just for you. Here are some fun group activities to do around Los Angeles. XLanes is not the bowling you were […]

Little Mermaid Live At The Hollywood Bowl


The Hollywood Bowl is quite the unique venue. Nestled amidst the Hollywood Hills, this outdoor amphitheater allows you to get away from the craziness of Hollywood and see a live show under the stars. Throughout the summer, the Hollywood Bowl has a number of performances lined up for locals and visitors to enjoy. If you’re […]

Top 4 Hollywood Hair Salons


While celebrities often lead luxurious lives, they may be onto something when it comes to their relaxation habits. If you’ve been stressed and looking for a way to relax, here’s a list of the best Hollywood hair salons to go in order to get pampered just like a Hollywood Star! Kate Somerville, a hair and […]

Top 3 Ionic Landmarks In Hollywood


Whether this is your first time in Hollywood or not, there are some places that you should almost certainly visit. From cultural phenomenons to Hollywood lore, here are top 3 iconic landmarks that you should check out when staying in Hollywood. First on the list is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. While this may be […]

Skyspace LA Grand Opening June 25


With a city as beautiful as Los Angeles, people are always looking for new and inventive ways to see the breathtaking sites this city has to offer. If you’ve ever wanted to see stunning views of all of downtown, now you can. Have you been asking yourself  when does Skyspace open in Los Angeles? Well, […]

Have A Craving For A Burger? The Top 3 Best Burgers in Los Angeles


Sometimes, the only thing that will hit the spot is a nice, juicy burger. Lucky for you, Los Angeles is known for its cuisine. Here are the top 3 best burgers in Los Angeles! Umami Burger is what we’d call upscale fast food with a number of locations in the area. At the heart of […]

Public Transportation Around Hollywood


While it’s true that Los Angeles is a city filled with drivers, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a car to get by. In fact, when you skip out on a car, you spend less time waiting in traffic and more time being out on the town. Public transportation around Hollywood and Los Angeles […]