Glimpse Into Hollywood Hotel's Nearby Nightlife

Nightlife is a part of our lives where we can look forward to and we can relieve our daily stresses, unwind and have a good time. Hollywood has a history of having some of the best nightlife around. Hollywood has a little of something for everyone. You can find trendy upscale bars and clubs as well as smaller “dive” bars and everything in between. The alluring part about Hollywood is that no matter where your at, you may just run into a celebrity or just some really interesting people. It often seems like the smaller places and “hidden gems” are where you usually run into famous people. I wanted to introduce you to a few places near us that are some really great hangouts and places to experience the nightlife of Hollywood although I can’t guarantee you will be rubbing shoulders with any A-listers.

Little Temple

Little temple is bar less than ½ mile away in silver lake and about 2 minutes away by car. It is small bar that has a full bar with a patio. The best nights are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. There are 2 rooms spinning hip hop, reggae and funk and the crowd is pretty laid back. If you like old school hip hop then this is your place. It can get crowded on weekends but what club in Hollywood doesn’t. Drinks are reasonably priced at around $7 to $10 and they have valet for $11 for those of you who don’t like to walk or have nice car. Overall Little Temple has a great ambience and is great little spot.

Little Temple

Tiki Ti

Tiki Ti is a perfect example of a “dive bar”. It is a tiki cocktail lounge less than 3 minutes away by car and located on W Sunset Blvd, so if you like cocktails and strong cocktails at that, then this is the place to go. They do not serve beer or wine so also keep that in mind. It has been a family owned business for more than 50 years and because of that you get to experience really great customer service and that local fun factor. If you smoke your in luck because they might be one of the last bars to allow smoking. This place tends to draw a little older crowd so if your looking to get drunk with 20 something’s this place will probably not be for you. The tiki bar however is a tried and true fun hangout that you should check out at least once.


Dresden Room

The Dresden is a landmark in Hollywood. It is a restaurant and a bar. It received quite a bit of attention once it was used in the movie swingers. It is a cocktail lounge straight out of the 1940’s. Marty & Elaine are performers that are there most night’s of the week. It has an old school vibe but has quite a diverse crowd. You will see older people as well as artsy and younger crowds. You want to make sure you dress somewhat “nice” since it is a well established restaurant. The drink selection is good and they even have martinis in 4oz glasses just like in the 40’s although at 2011 prices. All in all this a really great place.


Three Clubs

Three clubs is located close by over on 1123 vine st and is about 7 to 10 minutes away by car. They have a full bar and happy hour. It is a dark and dimly lit place that holds a special place in the hearts of many Los Angeles natives. There are two areas, the back room where you can take up the sounds 70’s, 80’s and 90’s with a heavy emphasis on 80’s on Friday night. They also have a good variety of rock, one of the nice part about three of clubs is they have stand up comedy night on Tuesday nights. This place is definitely captures that old time Hollywood lounge vibe. This place can getting pretty crowded since there is not a lot of space but that I guess that should be expected. If you’re in the mood to lounge and enjoy a good crowd, three of clubs will fit the bill.

Three Clubs

Nightlife is in the DNA of Hollywood and there are so many great bars, clubs, lounges, and comedy clubs to mention. These few spots are near us and will give you a nice feel for just some of the atmosphere that Hollywood has to offer. Come unwind with us and don’t forget to have a good time.